Hair Touch Up


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Hair touch-up refers to the process of addressing new hair growth or covering up root regrowth with hair color that matches the rest of the hair.

Features & Benefits:

Covering up gray hair
As people age, gray or white hair may start to appear at the roots. Hair touch-up allows individuals to cover these graying roots and maintain a consistent hair color.

Maintaining hair color
Hair color, especially if it is a bold or vibrant shade, may fade over time due to sun exposure, washing, and other factors. A touch-up helps to maintain the color's vibrancy and keep the overall look consistent.

Extended time between full color treatments
Rather than getting a full hair color treatment every few weeks, a touch-up can be done in between to keep the roots looking fresh and delay the need for a complete color application.

Hair touch-ups are often less expensive than full hair color treatments, making them a more budget-friendly option for maintaining hair color.

Touch-ups are quicker and easier to perform than a full hair color application, making them a practical choice for individuals with busy schedules.

Occasional color refresh
Some people may choose to touch up their hair color before a special event, occasion, or vacation to ensure their hair looks its best.

Transitioning to a new color
When someone wants to change their hair color gradually, touch-ups can help blend the new color with the old one during the transition process.

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