Hair Highlight / Bleach

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Hair Highlights:
Hair highlighting involves coloring specific strands or sections of hair in a lighter shade than the natural hair color. Highlights are used to add dimension and depth to the hair, creating a contrast between the lighter and darker shades. They can be achieved using various techniques, such as foiling, balayage, or ombre.

Features & Benefits:
- Adding dimension and a sun-kissed look to the hair.
- Enhancing the natural hair color without drastically changing it.
- Creating depth and texture in the hairstyle.
- Accentuating specific haircuts or hairstyles.

Hair Bleaching:
Hair bleaching, on the other hand, is a chemical process that involves lightening the natural color of the hair by removing its pigment. Bleaching is typically used to achieve a significantly lighter hair color, such as blonde or platinum, especially on dark hair.

Features & Benefits:
- Achieving a dramatic change in hair color, especially from dark to light.
- Preparing the hair for vivid or unconventional hair colors (e.g., pastel shades, bright colors) that require a light base.
- Creating a blank canvas for vibrant or creative hair dyeing.
- Allowing for a wider range of hair color options and creativity.

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